Update Pubg Mobile India (BGMI) VIP Mod V14 Apk v1.6.09 With Fix Bullet Tracker CIS2-3

What’s new in Battle Grounds Mobile India Mod Apk?

PUBG Mobile Battleground is the best among all the other versions. There is a new future in this. We play it without a VPN. You game is pure Indian. Using modern, you can have a smooth dinner with ease. As everyone can see, it has esp and aimbot, which helps you to kill enemy.

Credit – Rich Mod

Rich MOD v1.6 INBUILT ESP 32


  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Aimlock
  • Car Fly
  • Long Jump
  • I pad View
  • Flash
  • Many Features
  • All Items

It’s finally time for Battle Grounds Mobile India Mod Apk, which means you won’t have to wait any longer. The app is free and allows players in countries across Asia to experience mobile gaming at its best.


What is Esp? Esp is showing enemies location. if you use esp then you kill enemies easily because you already know that where is enemies.

PUBG Mobile ESP 1.6 Advantages:

This is absolutely antiban, there can be no problem using mod , your KD will be good and will remain in the eyes of the people. And the fun is also there by using many modes. You just play it for fun. It has a lot of future like anime look, headshot, fast run, high damage etc.

Q1- Can I use Rich Mod APK in main Account?

Ans- Yes Rich Mod play on main account but at own risk. If you do something wrong then maybe your account risk.

Q2- I Got 3rd Party Ban What I do?

Ans- If your device getting ban by Third party app. then use my firewall port.

Q1- I got 10 year ban What Should I do?

Ans. I am sorry for that because no one unban account. make new account and play for fun only.

Download BGMI Mod Apk V1.6 (15 Oct. 2021)



How to Use Mod Data Watch Video



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  1. vivek

    Bro awesome thanks for the share , Thank You very much

    1. Enam

      Where is the apk mod apk and how to install

      1. Sadique

        download from link

        1. PATIL YASH

          PUBG MOBILE LITE hack wanted

          1. koustav

            How to get paid hack

        2. Darkmoon009

          Your are great bro thanks for the hack

          1. Shivm

            Bhai file downlod krli apk kha s kru apka apk to chl hi ni ra h

          2. Sadique

            fr se karo update kr diya hai

  2. Anand

    Bro how to login by using Facebook id

    1. Sadique

      only twitter account login

        1. Ashmi

          Login kese kare

          1. foodeesolution

            its so easy if u dont know about this just search on youtube techysady and watch tutorials

    2. Chandhu

      Bro idhi download iyaka obb yela set cheyali bro

      1. Sadique

        download 32 bit and paste obb file folder

        1. Lalkap

          Bro how to subscribe vip..and how to get long jump car fly etc

        2. hardeep singh

          sir app is not working….it show it is not installed…plz help me

          1. Sadique

            download from another browser

      2. Mukesh

        Dear my account is ban for one month
        Using only 3 day

        1. Sadique

          update obb from my website

          1. Ansh Dhillon

            Sirf erangle map aa rha hai baki sb kyu nahi… Solve this problem bhai

          2. foodeesolution

            ok download maps file and paste data folder

    1. Sadique

      click here download button to get the mod apk

    2. Mr bawa

      I want to hack bgmi plz help

      1. Sadique

        download from link and enjoy

          1. Sadique

            watch tutorial

        1. dhairya

          In this v16 we received 10min ban what we shud do

          1. Sadique

            use my obb

    3. Hassan

      Bhai i m using android 8 … its not working if i m logging it from fb or twitter or else google.. pls guide

      1. Sadique

        delete Facebook application and log in chrome browser

  3. MR MUSA


    1. Vivek Singh

      Pubg global esp paid wala anti ban

      1. Sadique

        dala hai abhi check it

        1. Rahul

          Bro it is showing ( Can’t open file )

          1. Sadique

            goto my telegram channel @techysady and watch Tutorial

  4. aavi

    resources downloading even after pasting obb file

    1. Sadique

      use 32 bit obb file for this mod

  5. Rajdeep bhuyan

    Most game

    1. Mr bawa

      Log in problem

      Can’t log in any account

      1. Sadique

        log in with twitter if u want to log in fb account then uninstall fb application from ur device and log in with chrome

  6. Daksh

    Game not open

    1. Sadique

      watch tutorial on my youtube and follow all step JOin Telegram @Techysady

      1. Kunal

        Bro it show security message for ban how can I fix this ?

  7. Tareque

    Why is it showing please enable storage access even after I gave it permission?

    1. Sadique

      for access ur pubg data and obb file only.

  8. Zack

    Can’t login

    1. Sadique

      log in twitter account if u want log in with fb then join my telegram @techysady and watch how to log in

  9. Pruthvii

    After download how to activate the esp hack

    1. Sadique

      watch Tutorial video in my telegram channel @techysady

  10. Mr bawa

    Bro obb file running
    I already downloaded obb file from Ur telegram group
    Still not working

    1. Sadique

      download 32 bit obb file from my website and obb file andtoid/obb/com.pub.imobile paste here

  11. Myth

    It’s not working… I’ve logged in with fb, i can play normally, no hacks there in game. What to do now?

    1. Sadique


      1. Myth

        U tried 3-4 times.

    1. Sadique

      watch tutorial on youtube

  12. Max

    Anti ban?

  13. Rithik

    Mobile root karna padega!?

    1. Sadique

      nahi nonroot ka hai

  14. Sujal

    Bhai apna telegram walla tag hata do na! Plz plz screen shot lene per bohot dikkat hoti hai 😥😥
    BTW. apke hacks bohot awsome hai i loved it bass yahi ek request hai🙂🙂

    1. Sadique

      ok bro thanks..

  15. SAnjay

    Too much lag nd ping high prblm
    Plz fix it bro

    1. Sadique

      use 90 fps config file

  16. Vikas

    Bgmi mod apk not install resmi not 7pro
    Plz help

    1. Sadique

      first of all rename pubg obb and data then uninstall real apk and install mod

  17. Cheeku

    I’m Getting Login Problem plz help it says failed to login and I’m using android 11 plz help

    1. Sadique

      log in with twitter if u wanna log in with facebook acc. then uninstall fb application and log in with chrome

  18. King

    Please help anyone, i got login error 😭😭

    1. Sadique

      log in with twitter if u wanna log in withfb then dlt fb application and log in with chrome

  19. rahul

    bro any possibilities of my phone or my private account??????

  20. Itachi

    Bro kaise install kiya tune?

    1. foodeesolution

      Join Telegram And watch tutorial how to install and how to use…

    1. Sujalbansode

      Bro Room mein nahi chalra aimbot

      1. Sadique

        custom me aimbot work nhi krega

  21. faeez

    bro my apk is crashing what should i do

    1. Sidhanshu

      Same here …. Its not working… I tried for may times

      1. foodeesolution

        bro search techysady on youtube watch tutorial how to use….

  22. Sujal

    Bro Room mein nahi chalra aimbot

  23. Aman

    Bro iOS ke liye hack mil sakta hai kya
    Reply me fast

    1. Sadique

      wait kro we are working.

  24. Sujal Sharma

    Bhai bohot lag ker rha hai.. Or classic erangel me aimbot crash ho jaa rha hai..

    1. Sadique

      use my obb

  25. David

    Data has been changed or fir bann aa gaya bro

    1. Sadique

      wait for updates bro

  26. Raj

    bro after downloading where i have to keep file..obb pe ya kaha..mujhe hlp karo plz bro

    1. Sadique

      update apk+obb.

  27. Carlo

    Bro PUBG Battleground India Paid hai Ya Free.
    Download Kar liya hai Magar Chal nahe raha Wajha Batao

    1. Sadique

      All mods are free. if you dont know how to use then search techysady2 on youtube watch tutorial

  28. uday

    hlo bro i got 3 days ban what shud we do

      1. uday

        bro firewall be use kiya or mod be updated kiya but again 3 days ban

  29. uday

    bro firewall be use kiya or mod be updated kiya but again 3 days ban

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