only one way to pubg mobile unban accounts read post and follow step by step to how to unban accounts. If anyone say give me money i will unban your pubg account dont trust any one

Why Pubg Accounts Ban?

As millions of users across the world play PUBG Mobile, the developers have recently taken some tough decisions that may result in your PUBG account getting banned if you break the rules of the game. Cheaters completely spoil the game experience and taking unfair advantage over others is something that spoils the spirit of the game…..

How to Play Pubg Mobile Without Ban

Please read Tencent Game’s policy page where you are told many things against the act. PUBG usually bans gamers who use illegal software and some more to cheat the game. If you did that, it could go unnoticed. But if you are doing this for a while now, they can ban you immediately.

Why Pubg Mobile Account Ban

  • If you Cheating any Tools illicit Software.
  • If you use During Pubg Mobile Any Third Party applications.
  • If you Cheating multiple times on a team game
  • Teaming up with players outside of your team.

How to Unban Pubg Mobile Account

Step 1

Open PUBG mobile, and if you are banned, the above-shown notification will appear immediately Here you will find two options, File Claim, and Terms of Use Click on Terms of Use to check the reasons for banning To unban PUBG mobile account, click on File Claim Then appeal with your reasons why the banning is not appropriate in your case. The reviewers will review your option and will get back to you if needed. There is another way to get back your banned account by sending a simple email.

Step 2

Go to your Gmail and click on Compose mail Type in the [email protected] in the sender address field Draft your email with a proper and appropriate subject line Then explain why you are not the right person to get banned Don’t forget to mention your character ID and account name in the body of email Then recheck the email once again and hit the send button Then the review team will check your application and get back to you if you are not guilty. But if you are already busted, then forget about your PUBG account. And it is better to create a new account and follow the guidelines properly this time.

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  1. Rajan

    Biiroo meri kardo mujhe se nhi ho rha please 🥺 My Account Details character: ID: 5298731526 In game name here :》『KING《 Level: 69

    1. Sadique

      ok i will try to unban your account.

      1. Maurício

        ID: 521270301 nome
        SDC × ͜ × 爪 AUR
        Estou com 10 anos de banimento ,me ajudem por favor ,estou 6 meses sem jogar , devo ter usado algum GTX .

      2. Sumit

        Aap kr sakte ho kya BGMI ACCOUNT UNBAN..

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        Plz unban my bhai id bro

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    HELLO BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA Please Healp Me My Account Was Ban 07/30/2021 Any Reason. Please Try To Understand it’s My Old Pubg Mobile Account. I Have Uc And My Favorite Outfit In My Account. Please Unlock My Old Account Character Id Other Wise I Can’t Play BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA.

    1. Sadique

      delete anticheat files and avoide updates my telegram channel @techysady

    2. DineshBhutekar

      Team battleground mobile India
      I have not done anything wrong And Sure I have Followed your rules of conduct And By mistake You have Banned my Account For no valid Reason, please back my account as soon as possible.
      I Request You
      My Character ID :- 5191983950
      My account Name:- ¹Ḋḯฎҽʂң
      Thank you…

      1. Sadique

        ok i’ll try

    3. King is

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      Please sir unban karva do

  4. Sanjay Kumar Sharma

    Recently My BGMI Account was Banned Without any Reason and IAm Quite Sure I Have followed your fair Gameplay polices and Rules of Conduct of mentioned on your official site. I have been consistent BGMI Player And this account means a lot to me so kindly Again Review My Banned account if possible thats My Request.

    My IGN.-尺AɢE气SムNJU
    My BGMI ID-5612402965

    Thank you
    My Name – Sanjay Kumar Sharma

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      ok i’ll try to unban ur account….. join my telegram channel if ur account unban then I will text there…

  5. Vikash Rana

    Please help me

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    Recently i am trying to login my pubg account but it’s showing your pubg account banned for valeting policies even I didn’t break any kind of pubg rules

    Character I’d

    PUBG account name

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